We are a fictitious music streaming service without real data - use us to learn collecting data with web scraping and APIs.

Welcome to Music-to-scrape.org!

Inspired by Zyte's books.toscrape.com, we are a platform that mimics the dynamics of the music industry. You can use our website and API to learn how to scrape. Built by Tilburg Science Hub and featured in the Journal of Retailing, we hope this platform helps students and data science enthusiasts around the world to learn scraping.

Exploring Our Data

We've simulated the behavior of hundreds of users, listening to thousands of different songs and artists using R. The data, initialized with a list of artists and songs retrieved from Mahkaila's GitHub repository, encompasses artists of different degrees of popularity and users that develop preferences for these artists and songs, producing a large variety of consumption behaviors.

Learn how to explore popular or featured artists, discover emerging trends, and understand user preferences as you engage with the data. Our platform also presents you with a comprehensive API, opening endless possibilities for analysis and visualization.

Join this Open Source Project

Collaborate with us and learn through hands-on experience. Our project is open source, and you can contribute, experiment, and shape how the platform looks and feels or how (realistic) the data is. Thanks also to Dicebear's API, including the avataar, thumbs and shape libraries used for generating album art and user avatars. Explore our repository at GitHub!

Your Privacy Matters

As advocates of responsible data usage, we take your privacy seriously. We've outlined our privacy practices and usage terms in our dedicated Privacy & Terms section. Feel free to explore this section to understand how we handle data and create a safe learning environment.

Getting in Touch

In case of questions, feel free to reach out to us!

dr. Hannes Datta
Associate Professor
Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Tilburg University, The Netherlands